The calendar below contains over 200 conferences, meetings, and other types of convenings for nonprofit and funder groups. This calendar is meant to help you network with funders and other like-minded nonprofits.


Two Tips for Using the Conference Calendar

  • The months are approximate to when these events are typically held. Things happen all the time that can lead to a switch in the time of year an event is held.  You'll want to do research and keep track of the ones you're interested in.


  • Keep your desired audience in mind. Research if the event is a nonprofit event or a gathering of funders.  Figuring out what you are trying to accomplish (build relationships with peers for coalition building, learning more about your issue or networking with funders, for example) will help you figure out which events to target.


Specifically, you can also track a foundation that you think should fund your work or other nonprofits you'd like to network with to figure out which events are best to attend.  Some events bring out people at certain levels of their careers.  Factor that into your decision making, too.  Some funder spaces are for funders only.  For these, it might be possible to hang out near an event to meet potential people of interest.

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