U.S. National and Regional Rapid Response Funds 


1. Building East Bay Immigrant Power Fund (East Bay Community Foundation)

2. Communities Against Hate (Open Society Foundation)

3. De Colores Rapid Response Fund (Peace Development Fund)

4. Defending the Dream Fund (General Service Foundation & Hill-Snowdon Foundation)

5. Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Targeted Grants Program

6. Emergent Fund (Women’s Donor Network & Solidaire Network)

7. Foundation for Louisiana

8. Fueling the Frontlines (Astraea Foundation)

9. Fund for Trans Generations (Borealis Philanthropy)

10. Groundswell’s Rapid Response Fund (Groundswell Fund)

11. JustFund (portal developed by Solidaire)

12. L.A. Justice Fund (City of Los Angeles)

13. Mobilize Power Fund (Third Wave Fund)

14. Nuestro Futuro Fund (Latino Community Foundation)

15. Oregon Immigration and Refugee Funders Collaborative Fund (partnership between several foundations)

16. Protecting the Right to Protest (Proteus/Piper Fund)

17. Rapid Response Fund for Movement-Building (San Francisco Foundation)

18. Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice (housed at Liberty Hill Foundation)

19. Resilience Fund (partnership between several foundations)

20. Resist Foundation

21. Rights, Faith, and Democracy Collaborative (RFDC, Proteus Fund)

22. Still We Rise (Common Counsel Foundation)

23. So Love Can Win Rapid Response Fund (Akonadi Foundation)

24. Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights Rapid Response Grants 

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