3 New Things to Help with Fundraising

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

As the South Grows, Donor Advised Funds or DAFS, and Huddle Videos

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I hope you’ve been doing well… kicking butt and also making time for self-care. NCRP has been busy over the past few months. I last emailed you about the release of our Power Moves toolkit. In this short amount of time, Power Moves has been downloaded by over 1,400 people. I am hopeful that funders pertinent to YOUR work will be positively changed by Power Moves. Please continue to share with your networks and continue to send in recommendations of the foundations you think should be users of this toolkit. Now, here are 3 NEW things that may prove helpful for your fundraising efforts:

#1 – As the South Grows: So Grows the Nation Report

In June, we released the fifth and final installment of our As the South Grows series called As the South Grows: So Grows the Nation. If you have not looked already, a peek inside will reveal:

- New data on grantmaking for diverse communities and power-building strategies for every Southern state (see pages 5, 27 and 28)

- A blueprint for philanthropy to reckon with shared history, take meaningful risks, and leverage existing Southern work

- A tip sheet to encourage funders to organize their peers to invest equitably in the South

We created these reports to support nonprofits in the South, but regardless of your location, they can be used to advocate for more funding and better relationships from your supporters. We’re available if you’d like to brainstorm how to use these reports to meet your needs.

#2 - Donor Advised Funds or DAFs

Back in March, we hosted 5 Funder Briefing Huddles for our nonprofit members where we talked about grantmaking trends, identified funding prospects and answered burning questions. In those meetings, some of you expressed a desire to learn more about Donor Advised Funds (DAFs).

An ally of ours recently penned an article for Grassroots Fundraising Journal that outlines how to raise money from DAFs. Please look over a copy of Raising Money from Donor-Advised Funds to learn more about how your org can fundraise from DAFs.

#3 - Huddle Videos

In case you missed those March huddles, I’ve included links to their recordings below. These videos only contain data presentations and not the discussions we had throughout the meetings. We opted to not record those discussions in order to maintain a safe place for honest exchanges and insights. I hope you’re able to join us for this off-the-record conversation next year. Enjoy!

NE Region – March 6th - Recording of the presentation \\ slides are available here

SE Region #1 – March 13th - Recording of the presentation \\ slides are available here

SE Region #2 – March 14th - Recording of the presentation \\ slides are available here

MW Region – March 20th - Recording of the presentation \\ slides are available here

NW + SW Region – March 27th - Recording of the presentation \\ slides are available here

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