Important Update - Big Funding Announcement

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I hope you're doing well today. During our Power Up huddle a little over a week ago, I said I would limit the emails sent out to you all with everything going on, but I have a pretty major update today. As discussed, the Ford Foundation was supposed to announce an increase in payout to 10% last week and some of you asked or provided suggestions on how this group of organizations could get active to push for further change.  Some of you also challenged us because while you’ve reached out to your current funders for support, anti-Blackness in philanthropy is still a roadblock when it comes to receiving proper funding. Here’s an update: 

1) Please read more on the Ford announcement here and share your thoughts of it here by 6/17/2020 at 12pm EST. NCRP is holding off on making an official public statement until we know how YOU all feel about what this means to your work, though we have begun with some early data-driven analysis on our twitter feed (see here). If you have any trouble with the link provided, feel free to share your thoughts with me via email.  

2) We are preparing to make available some data related to funding for racial justice/Black communities given through community foundations and two tools for you to (a) better operate under an empowerment lens with philanthropy and for you to (b) SELF-ORGANIZE to pressure local/regional associations and funders during this time.  Our team is working as quickly as we can to crunch some numbers and revamp recently created NCRP products into something that can be used for this purpose.  Be ready for those to be available in the near future so you can also create your own change in this time where we’re seeing so much of it from surprising places. I will email them to you.  

3) We’re going to continue creating opportunities for you all to build relationships with funders. Unfortunately, the June 19th Summer Series event will have to be canceled.  Everything that's happening in the world and transitions in the sector bumped up against our window of time that was available to properly execute the planning of this meeting.  You can still RSVP for the July and August events, which will take place as scheduled. In July, we’ll be joined by Denise St. Omer, who is Vice President of Grantmaking and Inclusion Initiatives at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. In August, we’ll host Don Chen, President of the Surdna Foundation.These are member-only events. Again, you can RSVP here.  

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