Extra Funding Available Due to Successful Stock Market, Impact Awards Recap & More

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The funders that support your work may have extra cash laying around that they have to get out of the door before the year is over.

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ALERT! Extra Funding May Be Available Due to Successful Stock Market

Let’s say a funder decided it should give $50 million in grants to meet the 5 percent payout rule; however, the stock market has so outperformed their expectations that to now meet that 5 percent requirement, they must give out additional money in grants. Well this is the exact predicament that NCRP believes some funders find themselves in.

What does this mean to you? The funders that support your work may have extra cash laying around that they have to get out of the door before the year is over. Let foundations know about your successes this year and fill them in on upcoming projects and associated costs. Put it out there, but DON’T make a direct ask. A direct ask and a “no” can make for an awkward relationship going forward.

NCRP Members Attend the 5th Annual Impact Awards

Clockwise: Executive Director Saket Soni from New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice addresses the audience at the 2017 NCRP Impact Awards. Jeff Dugas from Action Network poses with NCRP President and CEO Aaron Dorfman. Ainka Jackson, executive director of the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth & Reconciliation, shares a touching moment with another attendee during the reception.

In September, NCRP members shared a room with more than 200 progressive funders and nonprofits at our 5th annual Impact Awards. The honorees included the Foundation for Louisiana, Groundswell Fund, Meyer Memorial Trust and Solutions Project, which were recognized for peer organizing, intersectional grantmaking, incorporating feedback and rapid response grantmaking, respectively. Click here for more pictures and here to watch a video of actor-philanthropist Mark Ruffalo accepting Solutions Project's award. You can also venture over to our blog to learn about the 11 organizations that submitted their stories of impact to be featured in a poster at the event. If you missed the chance to join us this past September, stay tuned for another chance in the coming year.

How Have NCRP Members Reached Philanthropy?

  • In the summer issue of Responsive Philanthropy, NCRP members answer the question, “What does winning look like in the current political environment?” Your answers were shared out to networks of thousands of funders over the summer. Congratulations! We’ll continue to provide a space for members to speak truth to power.

  • The second report in our As the South Grows series was released in June and a few more are on the way. Help support your fellow NCRPers that reside in the South and help the country as a whole (remember that regressive southern policies often become national policies) by sharing these reports with your networks. When we all push for change, change can happen!

Since April, NCRP has presented around the country with the following members: Southerners on New Ground (SONG), Center for Heirs Property Preservation, Mississippi Low Income Child Care Initiative (MLICCI), Project South, New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice and the South Carolina Community Loan Fund. We’ll be in touch with others as more opportunities arise.

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